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Troye is on the cover Teen Vogue’s Young Love Volume 1 Issue. Photos from the photoshoot that are featured in the magazine have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check those out and click “Read the rest of the article” to read the interview he did On Queerness, Representation, and the Power of Music.


young-love02.jpg young-love04.jpg young-love06.jpg young-love08.jpg young-love07.jpg young-love01.jpg


tv001.jpg tv001.jpg tv001.jpg tv001.jpg tv001.jpg tv001.jpg

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Troye did a interview and short photoshoot with The Canadian Press while he was in Canada. Photos have been added to the gallery, so make sure to check those out and the view below!

tcp03.jpg tcp04.jpg tcp02.jpg tcp01.jpg

Troye did a photoshoot and interview for INBEDWITH Fan Magazine. Photos from the photoshoot have been added to the gallery, so make sure to check those out and click “read the rest of this entry” to read the interview.


inbedwith-s01.jpg inbedwith-s01.jpg inbedwith-s01.jpg inbedwith-s01.jpg inbedwith-s01.jpg inbedwith-s01.jpg


ibwm02.jpg ibwm04.jpg  ibwm11.jpg ibwm08.jpg ibwm09.jpg ibwm14.jpg

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Troye Sivan is featured in newest issue of Coup De Main Magazine! High Quality scans from the magazine and Photos from the photoshoot have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check those out and the Interview by clicking “Read the rest of this entry”.


cdm02.jpg cdm03.jpg cdm07.jpg cdm05.jpg cdm08.jpg cdm09.jpg


cdm1.jpg cdm50-51.jpg cdm56-57.jpg cdm52-53.jpg cdm60-61.jpg cdm62-63.jpg

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Troye talk to MSNBC’s Savannah Sellers about why he believes that path to equality is achievable. Troye Sivan has joined the Global Citizen community.


msnbc001.jpg msnbc001.jpg msnbc001.jpg msnbc001.jpg msnbc001.jpg msnbc001.jpg

Screen Captures

msnbc13.jpg msnbc04.jpg msnbc18.jpg msnbc26.jpg msnbc07.jpg msnbc09.jpg

Popular Youtuber turned fully fledged popstar Troye Sivan has had quite a year. In fact he’s had quite a few years since publicly coming out to his millions of subscribers via his Youtube channel (actually the third-most-subscribed YouTube ­channel in Australia) back in August 2013. This year South-African born and Australia raised Sivan scored his first Billboard 100 hit, peaking at no.23 with ‘Youth’ from his debut album Blue Neighbourhood. He’s not only been a constant presence pon the world wide web but is also taking over our TV’s with performances on Ellen and at the 2016 VMA’s.

Honest, articulate, stylish, criminally cute and quite tall, Sivan is part of the vanguard of artists leading the way in redefining what it means to be an openly queer popstar – you can throw Years & Years’ Olly Alexander on that list too. Smashing out hits about love with the unapologetic declaration that he loves boys and it’s totes fine, this is the now, this is the future, get with it already!

We stopped by Sivan’s recent show in Berlin to take some snaps, have a chat and read his tarot!

card001.jpg card002.jpg card001.jpg card002.jpg card001.jpg card002.jpg

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Troye stopped by AOL today (August 25) to talk about His RIAA certified-gold debut album “Blue Neighbourhood”, issues of identity, advocating for LGBTQ+ youth, and a lot more. Over 1,000 high quality photos of his appearance, photoshoot and screen captures from the interview video have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check those out and the interview blow.




aol-build006.jpg aol-build018.jpg aol-build043.jpg aol-build060.jpg aol-build073.jpg aol-build075.jpg


aol01.jpg aol01.jpg aol01.jpg aol01.jpg aol01.jpg aol01.jpg

Screen Captures

aol-sc00378.jpg aol-sc00173.jpg aol-sc00208.jpg  aol-sc00223.jpg aol-sc00278.jpg aol-sc00367.jpg

Troye stopped the Australian TV Show, The Project earlier today (August 10). While he was there, he talked about turning 21, being on tour and his YouTube Channel. Photos from his appearance have been added to the gallery as well, so make sure to check those out!

project002.jpg project003.jpg project002.jpg project003.jpg

Appearances > 2016 > The Project – August 10

Troye Sivan stops by to discuss his 2016 Billboard Music Awards performance, his upcoming Suburbia Tour, and the next single from his “Blue Neighbourhood” album.

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