by Maddie on February 19,2018

Troye released a new song and music video called “My My My!” Screen captures and stills from the music video have been added to the gallery; along with the photoshoot and artwork.

Screen Captures

mymymy-mv009.jpg mymymy-mv049.jpg mymymy-mv157.jpg mymymy-mv088.jpg mymymy-mv114.jpg


mmmstills_0002.jpg mmmstills_0003.jpg mmmstills_0011.jpg mmmstills_0005.jpg mmmstills_0014.jpg 


mmmps01.jpg mmmps02.jpg mmmps03.jpg


mymymy.jpg mymymy.jpg mymymy.jpg mymymy.jpg mymymy.jpg

by Maddie on March 25,2017

Troye attended and performed at the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner in Los Angeles, on March 18. Photos from his appearance and performance have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check them out!


hrc-arr01.jpg hrc-arr03.jpg hrc-arr04.jpg hrc-arr05.jpg hrc-arr07.jpg


hrc-show02.jpg hrc-show03.jpg hrc-show11.jpg hrc-show10.jpg hrc-show05.jpg


hrc-per02.jpg hrc-per05.jpg hrc-per16.jpg hrc-per09.jpg hrc-per18.jpg


hrc-in01.jpg hrc-in02.jpg hrc-in03.jpg hrc-in04.jpg

by Maddie on January 19,2017

The official music video for “HEAVEN” is out! Watch below and make sure to check out over 100 high quality screen captures that have been added to the photo gallery.

heavenmv002.jpg heavenmv052.jpg heavenmv073.jpg heavenmv112.jpg heavenmv150.jpg heavenmv176.jpg

by on January 19,2017

Troye attended the 2016 ARIA Awards on November 24 in Sydney, Australia. Troye won the “Song of the Year” award and “Best Video” award for YOUTH. Photos from the night have been added  to the photo gallery, so make sure to check those out!

Video Playlist

aa-arrivals07.jpg aa-arrivals17.jpg  aa-arrivals02.jpg aa-arrivals19.jpg

Award Room
aa-room07.jpg aa-room04.jpg aa-room01.jpg aa-room05.jpg aa-room02.jpg  aa-room03.jpg

aa-show06.jpg aa-show04.jpg aa-show02.jpg aa-show05.jpg aa-show10.jpg aa-show13.jpg

by Maddie on August 17,2016

Troye performed at a handful of annual concerts and festivals through the months of June and July. Photos from those performances have been added to the photo gallery.

Hot 107.9 Summer Jam 

1079-summer-jam004.jpg 1079-summer-jam011.jpg 1079-summer-jam009.jpg 1079-summer-jam057.jpg 1079-summer-jam062.jpg 1079-summer-jam024.jpg

99.5 ZPL Birthday Bash

402.jpg 407.jpg 414.jpg 443.jpg 463.jpg 423.jpg

Valley Rock Festival

bn-korea001.png bn-korea002.png bn-korea004.png bn-korea009.png bn-korea011.png bn-korea012.png

Fuji Rock Festival

bn-japan06.jpg bn-japan03.jpg bn-japan05.jpg bn-japan01.jpg bn-japan04.jpg bn-japan08.jpg

by Maddie on August 9,2016

Over 200 high quality screen captures from Troye’s  Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut) music video have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check them out!


trilogy-dc002.jpg trilogy-dc009.jpg trilogy-dc027.jpg trilogy-dc032.jpg trilogy-dc035.jpg


trilogy-dc040.jpg trilogy-dc080.jpg trilogy-dc096.jpg trilogy-dc140.jpg trilogy-dc148.jpg

Talk Me Down

trilogy-dc154.jpg trilogy-dc173.jpg trilogy-dc188.jpg trilogy-dc210.jpg trilogy-dc244.jpg

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