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‘In a Dream’ Merch & Photoshoot Update

Troye has released new “In A Dream” merch! You can buy it from his official website. Photos of the merch have been added to the gallery. New photos from his “In a Dream” photoshoot have been added to the gallery.


iad-merch_007.png iad-merch_002.png iad-editions_006.png iad-editions_002.png iad-editions_005.png

“In a Dream” Photoshoot

easy-ps_009.jpg easy-ps_0010.jpg easy-ps_008.jpg

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‘In a Dream’ EP

Troye Sivan has just announced that he is releasing a new EP titled “In a Dream” on August 21, 2020! The EP features the song that was released earlier this year, “Take Yourself Home” along with new ones – which are listed below. If you visit Troye’s official store, you will see that the EP comes in many formats, including store exclusive LP’s with a bonus track, CD, and cassette versions. The album artwork has been added to the gallery and the track list is below.


Track Listing (EP):

  1. Take Yourself Home
  2. Easy
  3. could cry just thinkin about you
  4. STUD
  5. Rager teenager!
Track Listing (LP):

Side A

  1. Take Yourself Home
  2. Easy
  3. could cry just thinkin about you
  4. STUD

Side B

  1. 10/10
  2. Rager teenager!

iad-art_001.jpg iad-art_001.jpg iad-art_001.jpg iad-art_001.jpg iad-art_001.jpg


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New Song: ‘Easy’

Troye Sivan has released a new song called “Easy” along with the music video on July 15th and 16th. High quality screen captures from the music video have been added to the gallery along with the promotional images for the song.


Album Art



easy-ps_001.jpg easy-ps_002.jpg easy-ps_003.jpg easy-ps_005.jpg easy-ps_006.jpg

Screen Captures

easy-caps_011.jpg easy-caps_054.jpg easy-caps_080.jpg easy-caps_107.jpg easy-caps_135.jpg

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Troye Sivan + More for Cartier

Troye Sivan, along with Rami Malek, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang are the faces of Cartier’s new campaign, Pasha de Cartier. The accessories brand is relaunching their signature watch from the 80’s! Below is an excerpt of what Cartier had to say about the group, along with videos and a photo from the campaign.

For the new Pasha de Cartier watch, launching this September, the Maison brings together a community of individuals who are changing the codes of success and paving new creative paths.

With its distinctive and extraordinary design elements, the Pasha de Cartier watch has always been for those who lead with passion. Who are they? A community of personalities fostering open-mindedness, connection and self-expression. Meet Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang: five creators that embody the spirit of Pasha de Cartier.


cartier-sep_001.jpg cartier-sep_001-1.jpg cartier-sep_002.jpg cartier-sep_003.jpg



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Side-by-Side: Troye Sivan Tries to Keep Up With a Professional Chef

On this episode of Bon Appétit’s “Side-by-Side”, Troye Sivan cooks breakfast with professional chef, Carla Lalli. Will he be able to keep up? Watch the full video below to find out!

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‘Truth or Wine’ with BuzzFeed

To help pass time during quarantine, Troye Sivan plays BuzzFeed’s “Truth or Wine”. He spilled some tea about big name celebrities he’s acquainted with, music and more! Watch the full video below.