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BBC Radio 1

Troye was on BBC Radio 1 with Scott Mills earlier today (April 22). Below are videos and the interview. High quality photos have been added to the photo gallery. Also, click “more..” to read the interview.

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Radio 1 is one of Troye’s favourite studios in the world…
…because he has a huge crush on our very own Cel Spellman. It’s all down to Cel’s long, greasy hair, apparently: “He reminds me of Matty from The 1975, who is my ultimate celebrity crush.”

When Troye takes a Twitter break, people think he’s dead…
“I was definitely in the bath, just…pruning”
…and a mistaken RIP hashtag once upset his mum. The reality? “I was definitely in the bath, just…pruning.” But he still loves social media. “It’s always been about the conversation – my audience are the funniest, coolest people in the world, it’s sort of like texting my friends.”

Troye describes his new single “Talk Me Down” as “awkward, horrible and heartbreaking”…
…”It’s about wanting those comforts of a relationship – coming home to a person, sleeping with them, holding their hand but thinking in the back of your mind that things aren’t really right, and walking that line.”

There was some fun with Snapchat filters…
“I need to never grow facial hair”
…and while Troye wasn’t a fan of gaining a beard (“It makes me so uncomfortable, I need to never grow facial hair”), the glitter-and-pink-lipstick was a combo that went down a storm with everyone.

Troye also talked about his first time in a gay club…
…which he’s written about on a song called “Bite” on his new album Blue Neighbourhood. It was a dodgy club in Cape Town: “I was petrified, so terrified, but so curious and excited at the same time…I ended up having the time of my life.”
“I was petrified, so terrified, but so curious and excited at the same time”

Troye and Scott also shared coming out stories – Troye remembers coming out to his parents as “the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do”. Now, his favourite song to perform live is one he wrote about that experience, “Heaven”. “Seeing the audience reaction to that song and seeing them sing the lyrics back to me was so impactful on me, and a life-changing experience.”

Troye’s not a fan of being pigeonholed, though…
“I write about love, and stuff like that – I just happen to like boys”
“Everyone always says I write about LGBT issues but I actually don’t. I write about love, and stuff like that – I just happen to like boys.”

And Troye’s plans for the rest of the day?
Dealing with the social anxiety of coming face-to-face with his crush, Cel – and then a photoshoot before travelling to Birmingham to continue his tour.