Troye Sivan: “Taylor Swift is super, super, super intelligent

*This interview has been translated from Spanish.

The Australian Troye Sivan (20 years, appears less) acted last night in Madrid with all locations of Barceló Theatre sold out for weeks. It featured songs from his debut album, ‘ Blue Neighborhood ‘, which includes influences from practically all sounds fashion. The actor took our after dinner while already a considerable queue of people waiting at the gates to start the concert.



I am impressed by all the people there were still the four p.m., so every day you act?
I’m surprised every day. In addition, he had never been to Spain. It is really nice. It is a compliment to see so many people waiting.

I did not know you were such a teen idol, because your music sounds quite mature.Like most people come later or something.
Yes, come, the younger people are always in the front row.

Do you see yourself as a teen idol?
Sometimes that’s a bit like that , but in the back of the concerts there are older people. I think there is a good balance.

Your album has things of dream pop, synth-pop, R & B, indietronica, that thing that they talked a few years ago … the songs have changed a lot in the recording process?
They’ve changed a lot. I listen to so much music influences appear all in one way or another in the songs, some very small way, as compressed.

What changed more songs?
‘Fools’ changed much because the production had two boys of Australia, Alex JL Hiew and Slums. ‘Youth’ changed again and again and again. ‘Too Good’ too. Many of the songs changed.

Of what are you most proud as an author?
I’m very proud of ‘Heaven’, also ‘DKLA’.

That’s a little Weeknd.
Yes, a little.

I hear many influences on the album, as James Blake, Lorde …
Yeah, I love James Blake and Lorde.

Do you regret some kind of production and now live a topic sounds very different?
I wanted the concert was more direct, more organic.

Because the record is really e …
We electronic drums. Live everything is a little different, but I’m very happy with how it turned out production. It is a good mix of what I was hearing at the time that I recorded. Because I very easily influenced everything I hear. And I wanted to put things like I was listening, I wanted the album belonged to his time, but it was also important for me to get things that were “good classically”. Songs like ‘Blue’, which is a piano ballad … It has a production as blatantly “sophisticated”. Or the same ‘Talk Me Down’.

The album sounds very cohesive despite all influences, do you think the second will be more varied, more organic elements?
Maybe, but I do not know how it will sound the second disk. I can not wait, I can not wait to record it , but I play a lot more before I with their sound.

One of the things that the album sounds great cohesive is because almost all of the influences that have are of a very new things. You may have influenced something older?
There is something, a little 80 ‘s , as ‘Cool’ or ‘Ease’, synthesizers … I love the pop of 80. In the writing process appeared a little 80s.

‘Cool’ 80s sounds, but mostly sounds Haim.
Yes, I love Haim.

What you listened to as a child?
Especially people with beautiful voices. Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse … My father liked Toto, my mother always put the radio.

Was it your decision to remove the disc immediately before Christmas. I think it’s not the best time for a newcomer.
Right ?

I think it’s time to Adele or something.
I do not understand very well the side of the music industry. I hope my record, the team around me. I make music and they are responsible for fit everything.

How important is the concept of the album for you? For example, what is the real drive for you? Does the standard or deluxe edition?
The deluxe edition is the album for me.

It is a longish drive …
Yes, it is very long. But there are songs on the deluxe that for me should be in the standard edition.

Do not you like short drives?
Yes, yes, that’s the thing. But before the EP he had taken ‘Wild’ I was 6 songs and I like discs 8 or 9 songs. As I have done this long, I now want to June 1 songs again (laughs).

It is curious, artists do you find long drives then say that prefer short …
I think it had a lot to say … I wanted the debut ‘Wild’ was concise, but now wanted to tell the whole story.

I do not I reviewed your disk was another person from our website, and heard your music without knowing you were Youtuber, do you still look like Youtuber?
Yes, I do not make as many videos as it should, but I started on Youtube at 12, and took almost 10 years. It has been an important part of everything for me.

What is for you Youtube, as a whole world , or life, or think that will disappear at theend for something better, like MySpace?
No. I think Youtube is like Google, it will be relevant forever as the source. I do not think is going anywhere, at least in the coming years.

Do you sometimes you felt undervalued or there are people who have not seen you for being Youtuber think?
No, just the beginning. There were people like they did not understand. But you will discover a lot of people through Youtube, I think it will be normal from now.

When a conference Youtubers there may be artists but it is most common.
I think that that will change in the future.

Have you worked on your new album?
No, I’ve been in the studio, but not necessarily written for me material.

For new artists or famous people?

And you will not tell me .
No … (laughs) I’ve been writing, with new people, just testing.

What would be your dream collaboration?
I still have to say that with Lorde, and someday want to write with Taylor Swift.

Did you know Taylor before he made ​​pop? It was not as famous in Spain.
The same happened in Australia, I think the first thing that came was ‘Love Story’. It was like the first hit that knocked borders.

Like the first Taylor?
Yes, it is typically good, theirs are the best pop songs. Even his country songs are great pop songs. It’s a great writer of pop songs. It’s super, super, super intelligent. Super smart.

It seems that Lorde is thinking much their second album, do you do the same?
I do not think think so. I do not want to think much as to live life a little before writing. I want to do something better than we have done, and make sure she’s okay.

In the interview with Popjustice you talked about the possibility of making a ballad about a couple of “boy and girl” because it is not usually done. Have you worked on it already?
No, not yet.

Who do you think could be the second voice?
Sam Smith.

You think so ?
Yes, it would be fun.

It would be great.
It would be fun.

Are you miss acting, television, film, theater?
Right now enjoy music. I like so much … I’m totally focused on music.

What are your plans the rest of the year?
Now go on tour in Europe, I’ll do some festivals …

Right now I do not know what has already been announced and which are not, V Fest, Fuji Rock in Japan … Then do a tour of Australia and New Zealand and then I start writing and accumulate experiences.

Like all this coming and going from touring?
I love it, especially Europe is great fun. I’ve had two days off on the road to Madrid and has been great.

You do not study?

What did you do before becoming a singer so famous?
I was going to school, then as I started studying acting at home ( “homeschooling”). I never got to go to college, I started doing what Youtube and music.

Songs that sound on the radio, what you think is 2016?
I love ‘One Dance’ Drake, is a very good song.

Is not that like a bit the same as ‘Sorry’ Justin Bieber?
Is the dancehall rhythm? Maybe yes. Anyway I love it . I do not care. I love Drake. If I had to say the sound of 2016 … I would find it interesting that people continue to Meghan Trainor back to 2000, the “bitchy pop” Backstreet Boys, Britney old …