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I’m the exact opposite of hetero!

While Troye was in Zurich, Switzerland he did an interview and photoshoot with Florian Vock and Samuel Haitz. High quality photos have been added to the photo gallery. Make sure to check out the photos and the interview below.

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Troye Sivan is a professional. As an artist – first as Youtuber soon as an actor and currently as a musician – he is traveling around the world . We meet him at his only Swiss concert for an interview and talk with Troye over dark music , gay Pop and his outing.

When interview at 16 o’clock there has been a snake around the Kaufleutensaal where Troye will present his debut album Blue Neighbourhood. The energetic show with tears. The fans shrieking can sing along every line.
On stage shows Troye not only a gay dance style as Olly Alexander of Years & Years, but also a similar modesty. Despite the professionalism of the whole pop industry Troye is visibly excited.


Troye which of your songs make you even nervous while singing?
In “Heaven”, I’m excited. I sing at every show and it moves me every time. And sometimes,  I cover  “Love Is “A Loosing Game”  by Amy Winehouse.

And for the audience?
That’s difficult to say. In YOUTH the audience goes off, they are all familiar with the lyrics.

And as the audience going. With skillful adjustments for the live show, the songs are danceable, singable despite its depth and thoughtfulness. A reggae insertion at FOOLS can dance along the hips. Nevertheless, the lyrics are not a classic Pophandwerk. Press the feelings of a young generation, which do not want plates love songs, but intensity: If the beats as in the lyrics.

When we hear the beats and sounds of your songs, especially the lyrics: There are large, not necessarily positive feelings behind it. One line reads: “I’m afraid of the life I’ve made”.
I always wonder whether the people who listen to my songs, see what I mean well. But above all stands in my music a message: honesty. Not everything is pleasant, it is not everything nice in the world. I write about real stuff. There are times where I felt like that.

This is a big contrast to many of your YouTube videos or to your person: You’re very glitzerig Veränderst you’re on stage?
No. Sure, my show is full of power. But I have always appreciated the Triste, Gloomy, dark. The music I hear is usually quite sad. I do not know why. But I connect very strongly with this kind of music.

Between each song makes Troye short breaks and talks a bit. He had even seen snow in Switzerland, the fans burst into hysterical cheers. but cheer him well when he says: I am the complete opposite of hetero. I am very very gay.


What have your songs to do with you?
The album is completely autobiographical. Every single song is my life.

Your music is very intense for us Zuhöhrer_innen. From your Youtube channel you are you accustomed to show your feelings, and your vulnerability, to a large audience.Have not you ever ashamed you?
Not really. I think this has to do with my childhood. I’ve never liked sports. I am everything that occupied me in life, met with my art. This is my natural way to deal with everything. During my Freund_innen learned for exams, I have made YouTube videos and written songs. That’s my language.

Many young people know you from your coming out video. How important was this video for you personally?
For me it was an absolute necessity. I had it badly needed to be happy. I will hide nothing. The outing was my Fuck You to all who have a problem with me. I had no desire to ban my mouth. That’s happened to me before my outing enough. Other people have gelabbert stupid homophobic shit and merely asked himself. That possibility should cease to exist. So I outed myself prefer and all in my face set: Does anyone have a problem with that? Then it tells me that I should have nothing to do with you.

Have you made the video aware for the whole world?
I just knew personally to me how important such Outing videos. I’ve also seen all. This part of Youtube is sacred to me, and these videos are an incredible resource for LGBT youth. But I had never thought that my own video reaches so many people.

Were you in a LGBT youth group?
There was one in my hometown, but I was too scared. And as I’ve outed myself, at age 18, I was already a lot. That’s why I simply my online community.

Olly Alexander of Years & Years says the pop business is very monotonous. A bit gay or queer human should be, but not too much. How do you experience that?
I get this feeling sometimes. And it’s something that I desperately fighting. At my last show I wanted to wear a crop top shirt. After I talked to some people about it, I have not put it on. That annoys me. I really want to wear what I want. I was discouraged because I might goofy ausschaue so. But I wish that I would have been more at this moment, and it would still be attracted. It is a constant struggle I actively guide.

Although Troye also bears in Zurich no Crop Top. But not only be explicit outing excited the wrong sexual audience: Two fans hold signs in the air. “It’s my 20th birthday!” Is on the one. “Suck my ass!” On the other. Troyes comment: “I guess both signs the same.”

In an interview you said: I’m confident because I’m growing up. Do you mean that as an artist or as a person? Is there any difference for you?
The fact that I as an artist was better, also has to do with the fact that I got the title “artist”. Not to sound pretentious, but actually I was an artist all my life. But once I got the official title to it freed me. Artists must be crazy artists are crazy. So I can now officially do what I want, because it has become my job. It opens up new possibilities for me, I still discover. It makes me very happy, I wish this freedom all! Some have it, too – you see them on the road to run past you. I often lack the courage to be the way I want.But I try.

As practicing human being to be himself?
People simply must do. And the passive-aggressive comments of people ignore, otherwise it is not.That makes me stronger.