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SweeTARTS ‘Follow Your Tart’ Campaign Kick-Off & Concert Event

Troye performed a free concert to kick-off the “Follow Your Tart” campaign with sweeTARTS on July 20th. The SweeTARTS brand believes in making the world anything but bland, today launched new SweeTARTS Mini Gummies and SweeTARTS Soft Bites, as part of its new “Follow Your TART” brand campaign. The campaign, which will extend through the summer, celebrates those who follow their passions to make the world around them more flavorful. Photos from the kick-off concert have been added to the gallery. Also, make sure to check out the video SweeTARTS made with Troye!

sweetarts-a002.jpg sweetarts-a005.jpg sweetarts-a006.jpg sweetarts-a018.jpg sweetarts-a019.jpg
sweetarts-p004.jpg sweetarts-p014.jpg sweetarts-p021.jpg sweetarts-p024.jpg sweetarts-p040.jpg