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Article + Photoshoot: Troye Sivan Takes His Sound Across the Globe

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Troye Sivan doesn’t know if he’s made it yet. But he’s certainly making the most whatever “it” is.

In the past fortnight, the 21-year-old Australian has visited New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Christchurch, Auckland and now Sydney.

“It has been manic, absolutely non-stop,” Sivan says in a break from Insider’s photo shoot.

“I have managed to make my way around the world a couple of times, which has been awesome.

“There has been this lifestyle shift, as you learn to deal with it and you understand how it all works — I’m not going through everything for the first time, first photo shoot, first TV performance.

“You never want to become accustomed to it but you learn to slow your brain down a little so that you can take it all in and deal with things better.”
Despite his youth, Sivan has enjoyed an extraordinary career, spanning film, music, fashion and online.

Asked if he’s made it, the answer isn’t simple.

“I don’t know what ‘it’ is,” he says. “If all of this had happened across my lifetime, I would have been stoked and it seems to be happening rather quickly and so I’m just trying to think of what it is and to be honest.

“I can understand how some people could feel stress and pressure from that.

“I feel the opposite; I’m completely relaxed and anything above this is a complete bonus.

“I just feel super-relaxed. I’m just so happy with how it is going that I’m like, I think I’ve realised what is important to me and that is being creative and making cool stuff and I feel so lucky that it is my official job now. So as long as I get to do that, I’m stoked.”

Sivan got his start as an actor playing a young Wolverine in Hugh Jackman’s 2009 Hollywood action flick X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Singer/songwriter Troye Sivan performed to a huge crowd in San Diego. Picture: Dave Mangels/Getty Images
He then made a name for himself as a YouTube star, amassing a fanbase of several million and signing a recording deal with Universal Music.

His debut EP, Wild, topped the charts and peaked at No. 5 in America, the UK and Germany.

And his first album, Blue Neighbourhood, has just notched up sales of more than one million copies. The lead single, Wild, features guest vocals from Canadian pop star Alessia Cara.

Sivan has performed live on Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres shows, counts Taylor Swift as a fan and won a Billboard Music Award earlier this year.

Home is still with his parents in Perth, although he’s only been there for two weeks this year.

After this trip to Australia, he heads back to the US, where he will embark on a national headline tour.

He also has the MTV Video Music Awards, for which he is nominated in the Breakthrough Long Form Video category for his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy.

And then he’s hoping for some downtime.

“I’m going to hopefully get an apartment and buy some furniture and some candles and set myself up a little place where I can just be present and stay there for a couple of months,” says Sivan, who was born in Johannesburg and moved with his parents to Australia when he was two.

“I want to let myself be bored again. As soon as I get bored, I start making stuff.

“I haven’t really had the time to stop so to have that opportunity will be really nice.”

It is in this break that he hopes to work on his much anticipated second album.

“I am mulling it over in my head,” he says.

“I have a lot of ideas and I sort of know what I want the second album to sound like but to be honest I want to force myself to take a break before I write the album just because if I don’t do it now, I won’t do it.

“I will do it really slowly, I never want to rush anything. I want it to feel timeless and honest and interesting.”

Sivan has five million Instagram followers and countless more across other social media and the constant attention means he has recently started travelling with security.

“That is a very new thing,” he says, pointing to Evan his security guard. “It is honestly just getting in and out of places. And it has been really nice as far as logistics go.

“No one wants to hurt me or anything. It just takes off the edge a little bit of being constantly approached. I can eat my meal and then do pics.”

Sivan has also dabbled in modelling, walking for Saint Laurent in Paris last year.

Fashion is something he loves experimenting with.

“The liberation I feel when I wear what I want is something that I think is cool,” he says.

“That process is one that I’ve really grown to enjoy.

“I love taking risks. When I realised that literally no one can define who you are except for yourself, that is the most intoxicating thing in the world to me.

“Who says that I can’t paint my nails? Why not?

Troye Sivan is a passionate performer. Picture: Dave Mangels/Getty Images
“As soon as you open yourself up and remove the limits we put on ourselves, everything becomes much more fun.”

Sivan has been linked romantically to American YouTuber Connor Franta, 23, but isn’t interested in talking about his love life.

“I am trying my hardest to keep that kind of stuff private,” he says. “Maybe I do (have love in my life), maybe I don’t.”

Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood is out now.

Source: The Daily Telegraph