Updates & Decisions

Hello everyone,

I usually don’t post “personal” messages on here, but I feel like I need to because recently, I have been complaining if I should keep or close the doors. For the past couple of months, I my motivation has gone down. It honestly takes hours on end just to collect content and make 1 post. Keep in mind, that I am the only one running the whole fansite and all of its social media accounts. I have also noticed that some of the content that I pay for to put on this website has been stolen from me and posted onto bigger accounts which leads to no credit or visitors to this website. It honestly feels like I big competition that I am not getting anywhere or have any part in. Running TSO use to be so much fun, but now it has almost become a mandatory job that I don’t get paid for and it’s taking away from my personal life. The only way for this site to stay open is if I get a co-owner (which I am looking for) or more visitors.

There is also another choice which is to turn it into a community forum where people in the fandom can post and interact with each other. So, to keep the life of this website going, I ask you to please vote below.

Should stay the same, close or be converted into a forum?

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