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Re-Launch + 2017 Updates

Hello everyone! is back! Since Troye took a [must need and deserved] in 2017, it was rather hard to keep the site updated since there was little to no content to be posted. 2018 has already been a big year for Troye and hopefully for this site too. With the relaunch, the main site, and the photo gallery have been given a new look! There are also some other features on the site that will be getting a revamping soon, too, so stay around for that. The photo gallery has been updated with the events, photoshoots, performances and more photos that were missing! Make sure to check them out.


 pdcp_002.jpg pdcp_004.jpg pdcp_001.jpg pdcp_003.jpg

glaad-spiritday-001.jpg glaad-spiritday-002.jpg glaad-spiritday-003.jpg

spot-sga-arrivals001.jpg spot-sga-arrivals006.jpg spot-sga-arrivals013.jpg spot-sga-arrivals019.jpg spot-sga-arrivals025.jpg

spot-sga-event001.jpg spot-sga-event002.jpg spot-sga-event004.jpg spot-sga-event006.jpg spot-sga-event008.jpg


 sm-store_002.jpg sm-store_001.jpg sm-store_003.jpg sm-store_004.jpg


t4u-ps_01.jpg t4u-ps_01.jpg t4u-ps_01.jpg t4u-ps_01.jpg t4u-ps_01.jpg

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17coachella010.jpg 17coachella009.jpg 17coachella011.jpg 17coachella014.jpg 17coachella016.jpg

New Years Eve

18nye_001.jpg 18nye_005.jpg 18nye_004.jpg 18nye_003.jpg 18nye_007.jpg