Performance / Photos

Performances Update

The photo gallery has been updated with photos from all of the performances Troye has done.

Today Show – May 28

today-per_001.jpg today-per_022.jpg today-per_046.jpg today-per_059.jpg today-per_083.jpg

Capital Pride Festival – June 10

cap-pride_005.jpg cap-pride_011.jpg cap-pride_013.jpg cap-pride_027.jpg cap-pride_032.jpg

Spotify “Bloom” Album Listening Party – July 18

001spot-bloom_001.jpg 003spot-bloom_003.jpg 004spot-bloom_004.jpg 008spot-bloom_008.jpg 002spot-bloom_002.jpg

Show of the Summer – August 4

show-summer_002.jpg show-summer_004.jpg show-summer_006.jpg show-summer_007.jpg show-summer_008.jpg

Capitol Music Group’s 5th Annual Capitol Congress – August 8

cap-cong_001.jpg cap-cong_002.jpg cap-cong_003.jpg

The Late Show – September 6

late-show-per__01.jpg late-show-per__02.jpg

The Tonight Show (with Charli XCX) – November 12

tonight-per_001.jpg tonight-per_002.jpg tonight-per_006.jpg tonight-per_007.jpg tonight-per_012.jpg

The Elvis Duran Show (with Charli XCX) – November 13

elvis-d-per_001.jpg elvis-d-per_002.jpg elvis-d-per_003.jpg elvis-d-per_004.jpg elvis-d-per_005.jpg

2018 NVG Gala – December 1

nvg-per_007.jpg nvg-per_005.jpg nvg-per_030.jpg nvg-per_029.jpg nvg-per_032.jpg