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“1999” with Charli XCX Music Videos

Troye and Charli XCX teamed up to bring us “1999”. The pair dropped a music video for their song. Sivan and Charli also made a vertical video. The gallery has been updated with high quality screen captures and behind the scenes photos. You can watch the videos below.

Music Video Screen Captures

1999-mv_003.jpg 1999-mv_017.jpg 1999-mv_024.jpg 1999-mv_053.jpg 1999-mv_063.jpg

Vertical Video Screen Captures

1999v_025.jpg 1999v_042.jpg 1999v_087.jpg 1999v_104.jpg 1999v_126.jpg

Behind the Scenes

1999-bts_001.jpg 1999-btsv_005.jpg 1999-btsv_013.jpg 1999-bts_002.jpg 1999-btsv_009.jpg