Appearance / Photos

2019 Appearances Update

The photo gallery has been updated with all of the appearances Troye has made in 2019 so far. Make sure to check them out!

Palm Springs International Film Festival – January 4

palm-sorings-iff_002.jpg palm-sorings-iff_004.jpg palm-sorings-iff_006.jpg palm-sorings-iff_009.jpg palm-sorings-iff_012.jpg

W Magazine Celebrates its ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio at the Golden Globes – January 4

vmag-bestpef_001.jpg vmag-bestpef_002.jpg vmag-bestpef_000.jpg vmag-bestpef_003.jpg vmag-bestpef_004.jpg

The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party (Arrival) – January 5

bafta-teaparty_002.jpg bafta-teaparty_008.jpg bafta-teaparty_011.jpg bafta-teaparty_015.jpg bafta-teaparty_027.jpg

The BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party (Inside) – January 5

befta-tea-party-in_001.jpg befta-tea-party-in_002.jpg befta-tea-party-in_003.jpg befta-tea-party-in_004.jpg befta-tea-party-in_005.jpg