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Troye Sivan UNIQLO Collection

Troye Sivan has collaborated with UNIQLO to release a collection of graphic T-Shirts. High quality photos from the promotional photoshoot, merchandise photoshoot, and concept art have been added to the photo gallery. Click the link below to shop the collection. Click “Keep Reading” to read the official UT Magazine article.

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uniqlo-ps_001.jpg uniqlo-ps_003.jpg uniqlo-ps_005.jpg uniqlo-ps_008.jpg uniqlo-ps_009.jpg

Merchandise Photoshoot

merch-uniqlo_002.jpg merch-uniqlo_009.jpg merch-uniqlo_018.jpg merch-uniqlo_024.jpg merch-uniqlo_021.jpg

Concept Art

uniqlo-art_001.jpg uniqlo-art_005.jpg uniqlo-art_007.jpg uniqlo-art_008.jpg uniqlo-art_011.jpg

The one-of-a-kind collection of colorful and artistic designs by Troye Sivan.

Music is indispensable in discussions on culture. The 2021 Spring/Summer UT collection, a collaboration with Troye Sivan, a musician who is popular around-the-world, will be released on February 15th, 2021.We introduce you to the curated collaboration together with photos of him wearing the UT.

The colorful and artistic designs by Troye and his trusted creators.
Troye Sivan, the multi-talented singer and songwriter. This UT Collection is a representation of his multiple talents. Together with his trusted creators, photo prints using mixed media and logos as typography were combined to create pop and unique designs. The photo print he had a hand in creating shows the level of commitment to details.

These memorable photos which capture his natural expressions were taken by his sister.
While the selfies were taken personally, the photos showing his relaxed expressions leave a lasting impression. These photos were taken by Troye Sivan’s sister. He has shared his thoughts on the collaboration. “I had a great time working with Uniqlo and some of my favourite artists on this special collection. I hope you love the pieces we created together!”