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Sound Bites by Grubhub (Livestream)

Troye teamed up with Grubhub to do a livestream performance of his EP, In a Dream (Jiune 25). High quality screen captures from the livestream have been added to the gallery. The Q&A section of the livestream has also been added as well. You can watch the full livestream below.

Timestamps (click to view)

5:00 Intro
6:04 My My My!
9:39 Easy (feat. Kacey Musgraves & Mark Ronson)
13:27 STUD
17:06 Rager teenager!
18:41 could cry just thinkin about you
21:26 i’m so tired… (with Lauv)
23:43 Take Yourself Home
26:31 You (With Regard & Tate McRae)
30:34 IN A DREAM
34:30 Behind the scenes (What A Heavenly Way To Die/ Lucky Strike)
41:04 Live Q&A


soundbite-per_0004.jpg soundbite-per_0078.jpg soundbite-per_0173.jpg soundbite-per_0205.jpg soundbite-per_0228.jpg

Q & A

soundbite-app_002.jpg soundbite-app_004.jpg soundbite-app_012.jpg soundbite-app_031.jpg soundbite-app_032.jpg