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BuzzFeed Photoshoot

Back in 2015, Troye stopped by BuzzFeed to do some interviews, articles and a photoshoot. High quality photos from that photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Click the thumbnails below to check them out!

buzzfeed001-2.jpg buzzfeed001.jpg buzzfeed002.jpg buzzfeed003.jpg buzzfeed004.jpg

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Out Magazine Photo Addition

I have added 1 outtake from Troye’s photoshoot for Out Magazine to the photo gallery.

kf0017.jpg kf0017.jpg kf0017.jpg kf0017.jpg kf0017.jpg

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Troye is on the cover over the spring/summer issue of Ladygunn Magazine. I have added a high quality scan of the cover to the photo gallery. You can pre-order a digital copy of the magazine here.

cover.jpg cover.jpg cover.jpg cover.jpg cover.jpg

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27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Troye attended the 27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, California on April 7. Sivan won the Outstanding Music Artist award! Below are videos and photos from the event. Make sure to click on the photos to view them in the gallery!


glaad-a0001.jpg glaad-a0003.jpg glaad-a0002.jpg glaad-a0007.jpg glaad-a0012.jpg
glaad-s0022.jpg glaad-s0014.jpg glaad-s0017.jpg glaad-s0030.jpg glaad-s0039.jpg

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Amplify Live in Melbourne

Troye attended the Amplify Live tour in Melbourne, Australia on April 7. Photos from his appearance has been added to the photo gallery.

tia-m001.jpg tia-m002.jpg

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Rolling Stone’s ‘Go Behind the Scenes with Troye Sivan’

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone  followed Troye around and captured moments as he got ready for his show in Los Angeles, California on February 11. The photos from that day have been added to the photo gallery!

btsrs0001.jpg btsrs0009.jpg btsrs0010.jpg btsrs0006.jpg btsrs0011.jpg


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Photo Update: Blue Neighbourhood Tour

Over 100+ high quality photos from the Blue Neighbourhood Tour have been added to the photo gallery.
Check them out!

Royal Oaks, Michigan – February 24

bn-ro0021.jpg bn-ro0030.jpg bn-ro0026.jpg bn-ro0001.jpg bn-ro0020.jpg

Boston, Massachusetts – February 29

bn-boston0001.jpg bn-boston0009.jpg bn-boston0015.jpg bn-boston0030.jpg bn-boston0032.jpg

New York, New York – March 1

bn-ny1-0002.jpg bn-ny1-0004.jpg bn-ny1-0009.png bn-ny1-0014.jpg bn-ny1-0017.jpg

New York, New York – March 2

bn-ny1-0018.jpg bn-ny2-0002.jpg bn-ny2-0001.jpg bn-ny2-0005.jpg bn-ny2-0007.jpg

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 4

bn-philly-0002.jpg bn-philly-0003.jpg bn-philly-0001.jpg

Washington, D.C. – March 7

bn-dc1-0014.jpg bn-dc1-0018.jpg bn-dc1-0019.jpg bn-dc1-0016.jpg bn-dc1-0001.jpg

Washington, D.C. – March 8

bn-dc2-0002.jpg bn-dc2-0004.jpg bn-dc2-0014.jpg bn-dc2-0006.jpg bn-dc2-0016.jpg

Atlanta, Georgia – March 10

bn-atl0002.jpg bn-atl0003.jpg bn-atl0012.jpg bn-atl0013.jpg bn-atl0005.jpg

Orlando, Florida – March 12

bn-florida0011.jpg bn-florida0015.jpg bn-florida0013.jpg bn-florida0019.jpg bn-florida0016.jpg

Miami, Florida – March 13

bn-miami0008.jpg bn-miami0012.jpg bn-miami0019.jpg bn-miami0018.jpg bn-miami0013.jpg

Dallas, Texas – March 16

bn-dallas0001.jpg bn-dallas0002.jpg bn-dallas0003.jpg bn-dallas0004.jpg bn-dallas0006.jpg

Houston, Texas – March 17

bn-houston0013.jpg bn-houston0002.jpg bn-houston0011.jpg bn-houston0012.jpg bn-houston0019.jpg