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Go West Fest

Troye Sivan (and friends) kicked off Pride Month with the first ever Go West Fest! The concert event took place on Thursday (June 6) in Los Angeles, California. All of the performances consisted of queer and ally acts – Charli XCX, Allie X, Carlie Hanson, Chika, DJ Alima Lee, DJ Baby Uniq, DJ Ko Koala, Dorian Eleotra , Gia Gunn, Leland, Pussy Riot, and Quay Dash. The event also featured art from emerging LGBTQ artists. Troye and Charli XCX even debuted their new song, “2099”. Photos from the concert event have been added to the gallery. You can watch videos of Troye’s preparation and performance, below.


gwf-pef_014.jpggwf-pef_005.jpggwf-pef_020.jpggwf-pef_009.jpg gwf-pef_021.jpg


gwf-ps_001.jpg gwf-ps_002.jpg gwf-ps_004.jpg gwf-ps_005.jpg gwf-ps_006.jpg


gwf-bs_001.jpg gwf-bs_002.jpg gwf-bs_003.jpg

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Calvin Klein #MyTruth Campaign

Troye is featured in the newest Calvin Klein campaign, #MyTruth featuring the slogan, “I speak my truth in #MyCalvins”. Sivan joins Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and more in this new campaign! Watch the video of Troye speaking his truth below! Photos from the campaign photoshoot have been added to the gallery.

mck_004.jpg mck_001.jpg mck_003.jpg mck_002.jpg

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Glossier Play Campaign

Troye Sivan is one of the new faces of Glossier! Troye is helping promote the new Glossier Play makeup line. Photos from the promotional photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Also, make sure to check out the behind the scenes video that Troye posted, below.

glossier_004.jpg glossier_003.jpg glossier_001.jpg glossier_002.jpg

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G-A-Y Night at Heaven Night CLub

Troye performed at G-A-Y Night at Heaven Nightclub on March 2 in London, England. After his performance, he posed with boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman and RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Valentina for some photos. Those photos and others from the performance have been added to the gallery.


heaven-ncps_004.jpg heaven-ncps_003.jpg heaven-ncps_008.jpg heaven-ncps_013.jpg heaven-ncps_015.jpg


heaven-ncp_001.jpg heaven-ncp_002.jpg heaven-ncp_003.jpg heaven-ncp_009.jpg heaven-ncp_010.jpg

W Magazine Interview & Photoshoot
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W Magazine Interview & Photoshoot

Troye sat down with W Magazine and talked about Boy Erased. In a video, Troye talks about practicing his American accent. The gallery has been updated with a photos from the photoshoot. You can watch the video below. Click “Continue Reading” to read the interview.

wm_001.jpg wm_002.jpg wm_003.jpg

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Photoshoots Update

The photo gallery has been updated with all of Troye’s photoshoots from 2018. Due to the large amount of updated albums, each photo is a different session/set! Check them out!

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Clash Magazine
Billboard Magazine
Rolling Stone
For “Dance to This” Music Video
Modzik Magazine
The Sydney Herald
Entertainment Weekly
Noise (by Vice)
Paper Magazine
Viva New Zealand
For “1999” (with Charli XCX)
Boyd Spencer Photography
Danielle deGrasse
Jacob Bixenman Photography
Hyper Beast
Nina Sandefur Photography
GQ Magazine
VMan Magazine
W Magazine