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New Song with Charli XCX + Featured on Charli’s New Album

Troye  and Charli XCX debuted their new song, “2099” (the sequel to “1999”) at Go West Fest last week (June 6). Charli XCX just announced her third album, “Charli” which features Troye Sivan! Both 1999 and 2099 are on Charli’s new album. You can pre-order/pre-save Charli’s album below.

Pre-Order, Pre-Save, Download “Charli”

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Happy Birthday Troye!

On behalf of Troye Sivan Online,  visitors, and the rest of the fandom, we would like to wish Troye a very happy 24th birthday! We hope you have a great year. Thank you for being yourself and creating a safe space for all. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you this year!

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W Korea

Troye Sivan is on the cover of the latest issue of W Korea! He posed alongside Korean model, Sora Choi. Photos and scans have been added to the gallery. Check them out!


wkmag_002.jpg wkmag_003.jpg wkmag_004.jpg wkmag_006.jpg wkmag_007.jpg

Magazine Scans

wk-scans_001.jpg wk-scans_003.jpg wk-scans_004.jpg wk-scans_007.jpg wk-scans_009.jpg

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Troye Sivan’s 2nd Album “Bloom” is Out Now!

One August 30, 2018, Troye Sivan released his second studio album, “Bloom”! The album is available on all music platforms. You can purchase the album from Troye’s official website or at local stores. Target offers a deluxe version with 2 bonus tracks. A vinyl format of the album is also available. The photo gallery has been updated with photos of the album artwork.

Buy Bloom

Amazon Deezer Google Music iTunes/Apple Music
Pandora Spotify Target Official Website: CD / Vinyl
Track Listing

Track Listing

1.) “Seventeen” 3:38
2.) “My My My!” 3:25
3.) “The Good Side” 4:29
4.) “Bloom” 3:42
5.) “Postcard” (feat. Gordi) 3:36
6.) “Dance To This” (feat. Ariana Grande) 3:51
7.) “Plum” 3:06
8.) “What a Heavenly Way to Die” 3:07
9.) “Lucky Strike” 3:28
10.) “Animal” 4:25
Total Length: 36:48

Deluxe Edition (Target – US, HMV – UK, Japan)

11.) “This This” 3:33
12.) “Running Shoes” 3:14
Total Length: 43:34


bloom-album.jpg bloom-album-back.jpg dance-to-this.jpg animal-single.jpg bloom.jpg

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New Song: ‘Bloom’ with Lyrics Video

Troye’s new song “Bloom” has been released; along with a visual lyrics video. “Bloom” is available now for purchase/stream on all popular services! Screen captures from the visual lyrics video have been added to the gallery. Watch the video below!

bloom_lyrics0008.jpg bloom_lyrics0053.jpg bloom_lyrics0113.jpg  bloom_lyrics0121.jpg bloom_lyrics0183.jpg

Tinder + Glaad Celebrate Inclusion Acceptance Equality
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Tinder + Glaad Celebrate Inclusion Acceptance Equality

Troye attended the Tinder + Glaad Celebrate Inclusion Acceptance Equality event yesterday (November 16) in New York City. Photos from the event have been added to the photo gallery.


gt-arrival22.jpg gt-arrival01.jpg gt-arrival03.jpg gt-arrival04.jpg gt-arrival10.jpg gt-arrival16.jpg


gt-inside01.jpg gt-inside03.jpg gt-inside04.jpg gt-inside02.jpg gt-inside01.jpg gt-inside04.jpg


gt-port01.jpg gt-port02.jpg gt-port01.jpg gt-port02.jpg gt-port01.jpg gt-port02.jpg

Suburbia Tour – New York, New York
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Suburbia Tour – New York, New York

Troye performed at Terminal 5, in New Yourk, New York on Monday and Tuesday (November 14-15) as part of the Suburbia Tour. Photos of the concert have been added to the gallery, so make sure to check them out, below.

Night 1

sub-ny1-11.jpg sub-ny1-02.jpg sub-ny1-10.jpg sub-ny1-12.jpg sub-ny1-07.jpg sub-ny1-09.jpg

Night 2

sub-ny2-24.jpg sub-ny2-12.jpg sub-ny2-20.jpg sub-ny2-02.JPG sub-ny2-03.JPG sub-ny2-10.JPG