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New Youth – Troye Sivan: Dreams Come True

In July 2020, the epidemic situation in Melbourne was as overcast as its weather. Troye Sivan, a singer\producer\actor who was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, and works in the United States, and was affectionately called “Poke Master” by Chinese fans, had been trapped in Mocheng for more than half a year. The cold and humid winter in the southern hemisphere made him miss Los Angeles, where his work, friends, and the simple and easy-to-understand weather—compared to Melbourne, it was sunny and hot.

However, Troye Sivan is not a traditional “American Dream” holder. When he starred in the South African movie “Potato”, he did not predict that he would become Australia’s “national treasure” in the future, taking root in Los Angeles, the center of the global performing arts industry.

Whether it was luck or careful planning, everything just happened.

In 2007, 12-year-old Troye Sivan opened his own channel on YouTube and released a cover song. The low-definition picture quality full of age and the childlike voice of nature make this account look no different from the account used by ordinary parents to record the growth of their children. Although the comment area has now been closed, he must have caused some controversy at the time, and he had to clarify in the video description: “I am not six years old, I am just sick. I will be thirteen years old next month.”

After this account has released some cover videos of classic old songs, it is forgotten by the owner like most channels opened on a whim. It was not until five years later that Master Poke introduced himself to netizens all over the world in a 57-second video: “Hello everyone, I’m Troye Sivan, I like singing, I like acting. What about you? Talk to me about you too. .”

The video was quickly welcomed by netizens worldwide. As a video blogger, Troye Sivan is humorous and humorous. He swept away the melancholy and affection standing in front of the microphone, which formed a great contrast with him when he was singing a song. Poke Ye has become the reliance of many netizens. They will pour out their worries to him in the comment area, and he will respond patiently.

It took Troye Sivan two years to become one of the most watched video bloggers on YouTube. He will mention his musical dreams to netizens, and he has also published songs written for charity. Although these music videos were rough and immature, they were as emotional as the cover videos he uploaded when he was a child. In the end, Troye Sivan’s musical talent was seen because of its popularity on the Internet, which gave him the opportunity to sign with EMI Australia.

In 2014, Troye Sivan launched his first EP “TRXYE”. This EP airborne the US music billboard charts and achieved the fifth best result. Troye Sivan finally became a singer and realized his dream. He no longer has to stand in a small room and sing other people’s works with rudimentary equipment. Instead, he can stand on a wide stage and sing his own songs in front of countless audiences.

That year, he was only 19 years old. In the same year, Facebook and YouTube celebrated their 10th birthdays.

Sixty years ago, 24-year-old Zhang Ailing sighed, “You have to be famous as soon as possible. It is too late to be happy and not so happy.” In the eyes of others, his fame is a combination of “unexpected” and “as it should” in the new media era.

The 25-year-old Piaoye didn’t think so much about himself: “Although it sounds pretty blind! But my dream is to become a singer!” He emphasized with two exclamation marks, for fear that everyone would not believe it: “I’m really very Thankful and lucky.”

Indeed, “dreams come true” sounds like the theme of Disney’s fairy tales.

Fortunately, everything happened just right, and he caught it just right.


Unlike the stereotypes of young and famous people, Troye Sivan rarely has scandals. He certainly had ridiculous days, but after the experience, it became the past and became an understatement in the interview. He knows how to introspect very well, and this is one of the precious gifts given to him by his Jewish blood.

The semi-public life makes his privacy no longer private. This is the price of fame and the source of anxiety for many celebrities. But Master Piao is not willing to portray himself as a “victim”. In fact, he is completely in control of how much his privacy is shared with the public. He is very happy to share his life on social networks: “Fortunately, most of my life can be seen online, (seeing these) will not pay too much attention to my offline life.”

The era creates idols, and smart idols choose to create “self.”

Troye Sivan will not lose his sense of security because of public curiosity: “I have lived like this for more than ten years, and I don’t think there is anything that needs to be changed.” He and his followers have formed a tacit understanding and have already found a way to be a public. The balance between the character’s “Troye Sivan” and his own “Troye Sivan Mellet”.

The Internet is the most indispensable invention in Troye Sivan’s life. He can’t imagine what kind of life he would have lived without the Internet: “My friends, my relationship, my job, and my way of finding myself, I can be free Speak freely…All these are given to me by the Internet, given to me in this era.”

Troye Sivan is not the first “star” created by social media, but it is one of the most transparent ones in this Wang “Xinghai”. His real life is clean and simple. Apart from his family, the closest ones are the three who grew up together. Best friends. Although he is already a world-renowned celebrity, he does not have a sense of distance from a high level, and you can see many photos of netizens with him by chance.

Even though he is in this flashy industry, his goal is always simple: “I want to be a proud person. I can always create art that people like and challenge myself in my life.” This is his wish. Now, he is not and will not be another tragedy that rots amidst drunken gold fans.

But this does not mean that he is a cup of unflavored warm water, on the contrary, to some extent, this brave Australian can be regarded as one of the outstanding leaders in the group. From the moment of cognition of his identity and after constant struggles, Troye Sivan accepted and embraced his truest attributes, and chose to use his influence to speak out for the minority groups without evasive and Not ashamed to show his ideas to the world.

“I was a little timid when I first worked with Troye, because he would directly use male pronouns to create.” Leland, a musician who has worked with him for many years, once said. At that time, there were not many artists who dared to show their orientation directly in the lyrics, and this was tantamount to losing a relatively conservative audience group. But Leland quickly dispelled these worries: “I am proud of our music. It was him who helped me accept my true self and made me no longer feel sorry for my identity as a sexual minority.”

This is what Piaoye hopes to achieve with his own influence: everyone can accept who he is, make his own voice, express his desires, and obtain equal rights.

Looking at his appearance alone, it is hard to imagine that he has such great courage. People tend to ignore the connotation of a beautiful person, because beauty is already a scarce resource. With sea-blue jeweled eyes and carved faces, he is traditionally beautiful, like a young man from ancient Greek mythology.

The nickname of Poke Ye is taken from Troye’s Chinese homophonic. Although he is called “Ye”, he who is as beautiful as the protagonist of a comic has nothing to do with the ridiculously masculine description of “Ye”. He is one of the most watched European and American celebrities on Weibo. Many people who don’t know Piaoye would think that his appearance is the key reason for him to become a superstar in Asia.

For Europeans and Americans, Troye Sivan does not have the dark skin and lumpy muscles they admire. In the modern Western aesthetics, he is too weak.

Appearance is one of the few controversial points of Troye Sivan. The mainstream view has always been hostile to beautiful and thin men, but he doesn’t care at all: he likes to wear women’s clothing, and he likes to show his body in front of the camera; the maintenance process is quite complicated. But I am also lazy not to shave; I enjoy doing manicures and I also love makeup-the thicker the better.

This shooting also prepared a set of women’s clothing from Gucci for Piao Ye: pink crepe silk shirt and red leather bell bottoms. Piao Ye fully interprets the collision of softness and rigidity in this set. Regrettably, the heavy make-up in the original plan was cancelled due to time constraints, but Master Piao actively asked us to paint him with black nails to convey the emotions of the plan to the readers to the greatest extent under limited conditions.

Troye Sivan is professional and sincere. Anyone can feel his love and honesty for his body and identity from his music, interviews and social media.

For young people, Poke Ye represents the attitude of their generation: “Be yourself, love yourself”.

In addition to music, his MV often focuses on the status of sexual minorities, such as the tragic “Wild”, “Fools” and “Talk Me Down” trilogy in the first album “Blue Neighbourhood”, and the political “Heaven” “, and the most artistic among them are “My My My!” and “Bloom” in the album “Bloom”.

The MV for “My My My!” is directed by the new generation director Grant Singer, who is one of the few MV directors still using film to create. The succinct and provocative Poke Ye danced freely in the abandoned factory with the rhythm. Men of different races and different dresses showed their charm in the humid atmosphere. The whole MV is ambiguous, sexy and full of rhythm. The wet-haired poker proudly shows off his weak curves to the camera, calling for “love, liberation, and freedom.”

The MV for the title song “Bloom” of the same name was edited by senior fashion photographer Bardia Zeinali. “Beauty and Fashion” is the theme of this MV. Piao Ye wore several different styles of women’s clothing and danced in front of the background of the old-fashioned photo studio. Every frame of the picture blooms to the world his pride as a minority group, with beautiful and harmonious colors . In the end, he ended the three minutes and fifty-three seconds of blooming with a dress and face mask covered with flowers. As soon as this MV was released, it received rave reviews and was regarded by queers as their chant.

Troye Sivan is very clear about his mission, which is one of the reasons why he became an icon of the times.


Of course, like most artists, Troye Sivan is sensitive, melancholic, and vulnerable by nature. The way artists deal with these negative emotions is naturally to transform them into notes, write them into lyrics, and become works, empathizing with the public.

His new work “In A Dream” is just such an EP that tells the story of his journey of exploring self-repair. The reason why I chose “in a dream” as the name is also because it best fits the state of the past few months: “Sometimes I don’t know if I’m awake recently? In a dream? Or in a nightmare? It seems very untrue. This title is a summary of my time.”

“The theme of this EP is’talking’, talking with myself and with others. The creation process of this EP is very smooth, I just wanted to rush into the studio to record and express myself. ”

“The past few months have been like a roller coaster ride for me as a whole, and these songs capture my feelings from all angles very accurately.”

“Take Yourself Home” is the first single of this EP, and it is also the first official original work by Troye Sivan nearly two years after the release of “Bloom”. Originally, the record company did not plan to release this song as a single. It was only after the strong request of Piao Ye that this song got the chance to be released.

It is generally believed that this song was created by Troye Sivan under the influence of the new crown epidemic, but this is not the case. For him, “Take Yourself Home” is a very personal song, “Something has happened.” Piaoye is not willing to let go of revealing what happened, “Although it was not written for the epidemic, I think this period Everyone needs to get strength from such a song.”

He also admitted that the song was frank enough to scare him.

“Frankness itself is scary. And being honest with yourself is really difficult. It’s too difficult to admit those things that you don’t want to admit. It’s strange to share your feelings with the world. I think Until the last moment before the release, I was not ready to control my vulnerability and discomfort.”

“When I wrote this song I kept asking myself, what makes me happy? Where do I want to live? Who do I want to spend the rest of my life with? How is my family? What is the most important thing in my life? These questions are fundamental and heavy. I did have a strange time. I hope I can find the answers to these questions from my songs.”

Before the release of the work, Poke Ye expressed on his social media that he hoped to cooperate with freelance artists around the world to complete the MV of this song to support them through the disaster period brought about by the epidemic.

“For the music industry, this epidemic is devastating, especially in the performance industry. I worry about other artists, worry about the bands, worry about the staff. The whole industry has been stagnated so suddenly for several months, which is terrible. I hope we can resume performances as soon as possible, and hope that people will still support the industry at that time. I really want to return to the stage.”

Eventually, with the participation of artists from all over the world, “Take Yourself Home” released eleven MVs, including a MV with lyrics, nine MVs with lyrics translated in different languages, and a live version at home.


Before the global epidemic broke out, Piao Ye was filming his first American commercial film starring in Atlanta. He said that “I can’t reveal much at this time, but it is worth looking forward to.” After the crew was shut down under the influence of the new crown, he flew back to Australia and stayed with his family: “As a result, the city was closed shortly after returning home, and I was completely trapped at home.”

From Johannesburg to Perth, from Perth to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Melbourne, South Africa, the United States, and Australia, every country and city has left some marks on him, but Australia has the greatest influence on his growth, because here There is his family and his past.

During the time he was at home, he felt that he had become a child again. “I’m very lucky to lie in bed, stretch out my clothes for clothes, and open my mouth for food.” He finished “Sydney Sweet Wife” and “Melbourne Sweet Wife” in two days. I signed up for an online design class and learned how to cook with my mother.

This kind of day sounds pretty good, but Master Piao is, after all, a slash young man who can’t rest. Although he can’t travel far, he has started to compose new songs with local Australian musicians, learned to use Zoom to meet with the American team, and even contracted the promotion of “In A Dream”. He lay on the bed and shared himself with fans. The production of the EP preview process: “First search for an all-red picture, then open the photobooth, then twist it against it, and add some special effects.”

I have to admit that some people are born for art, and he admits it simply: “Yes, I am a born artist! I like to do these creative things, and creation drives me up every day. I am very grateful for these. Can be my job.”

This natural artist has also unlocked the function of MV director. At present, he has directed the MVs of the two songs “Easy” and “Rager Teenager!”: “Being a director is also a helpless move, mainly because the city can’t get out. I think I did a good job, but I was a little afraid of messing up at the beginning. I really like this job, and I will do more in the future.”

Troye Sivan hopes that he can make images that are both modern and timeless. In “Easy”, he showed two different kinds of himself: him in his early life and him as a performer. The appearance of the performer is easy to remind people of paying tribute to his ancestor David Bowie. At the end of the MV, he closed his eyes and sank into the blue water, with a dark red light on his face. This picture has also become the cover of “In A Dream”, which looks real and imaginary, like a movie poster from the French New Wave period. He is in a dream.

“Rager Teenager!” is much simpler: a fixed camera, a scene, and several editing software with special effects. He soaked in his bathtub and sang the entire song.

He seems to have returned to the status of a video blogger, planning the theme, filming and editing, and completing everything himself, but the scale, equipment, budget and audience have been significantly improved. The most important thing is that he enjoys it.

“This epidemic has made me more aware of how lucky I was before. I am so grateful that I can have those wonderful opportunities to make me who I am now. I also realize how much I love my job. Also, It turns out I can do so much work in Australia! I am really happy.”

Affected by the epidemic, our shooting was finally carried out in Melbourne, and Master Piao came to the studio alone to complete the work. That night, he posted a Weibo to show fans the black nails we dyed him. He leaned comfortably on the headboard of the bed, casually found an angle to face him with the front camera, anyway, his beauty can withstand the test: “Today I took a long time to shoot a magazine, it feels good to work again! I am! Fortunately, I can do such a job.”

“Lucky” is also the word he mentioned the most in this interview.


In August, Troye Sivan has completely fallen in love with life in Melbourne. Even though the temperature in this city is “four seasons in one day”, it is sunny in the morning, rainy at noon, and windy at night. This winter, it also snowed-you know, it’s the southern hemisphere.

“Home is everything to me. Family is really important to me. I have a clearer understanding of this in the past few months.”

Unfortunately, he will soon leave this home and continue to be a strong adult for work, for himself, and for the minority groups.

But maybe in the future he will write a song for Melbourne, singing like “Suburbia” written to Perth in “Blue Neighbourhood”, “Drink my homesickness with alcohol.”

In addition to work, in the United States, he has a constant concern: “I really miss my dog ​​Nash in LA, I have never left it for so long!”

When this article was published, Troye Sivan had returned to the United States to continue his filming in Atlanta. The day before leaving Melbourne, he took a long time to pick up his phone and record his feelings: “A long, long time ago, whenever I felt uneasy, I would click on the video and say to everyone, Hi, this is Troye Sivan 18. “As he said, he made a “V” hand, which was his signature move as a video blogger.

During the epidemic, international travel has to go through many barriers, and the direct flight has been stopped. Piaoye needs to transit from Australia to New Zealand and then fly to the United States. After more than ten hours of flying, he returned to his house in Los Angeles. He was very excited. He had forgotten the original appearance of this house. He fumbled around here and there, full of curiosity: “My house is really good! My clothes It’s so good-looking! It’s so strange that I didn’t miss these clothes when I was in Melbourne, but when I saw it, I still thought it was awesome!”

Of course, hugging your dog is the top priority of this journey. The epidemic turned the six-week parting in the original plan into seven months, and Master Piao could not describe in words how much he missed Nash. However, when Nash recognized him, rushed towards him, and showed him unconditional love, all the anxiety and panic were relieved.

“I really want to have my own home soon!” he said.

“But I really love my job so much, I can give everything for it,” he added.

Q: Share with us a little secret you have never shared before.

A: I am very ticklish.

Q: Use three words to describe yourself

A: Creative, Australian, queer

Q: What is your best memory about Bloom tour in China?

A: The tour in China is one of my favorite performances, and I can’t wait to come back here and show it to everyone.

Q: Have you learnt any Chinese?

A: Not enough! I need to practice. I cheated and used a website for this.

Q: Please leave a message to your Chinese fans!

A: I love you!! I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you soon.