Love Me Wrong [with Allie X] (2019)



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Single | 3:12 | Pop | 6 December 2019
“Love Me Wrong” is the first duet by Allie X and Troye Sivan – although the two have a long history of collaboration and friendship. The single is featued on Allie’s second stuuio album, Cape Cod (2020). Here is an excerpt from Allie X explaining the meaning behind the song:
“Love Me Wrong is a very personal song for me, which deals with the confusion and hurt associated with familial love. Mostly taken from feelings I had when I was younger, this is a song about being misunderstood by the ones closest to you. You know that you they love you, but you feel it isn’t for the full person you are.
The relationship between a parent and child is so intense and layered, that it was liberating to put it into the simple phrase ‘you love me wrong’ and repeat it over and over in the chorus. I hope that those of you dealing with similar feelings can find solace in this song.”


Type: Song (Single)
Label: Twin Music Inc / AWAL
Writer(s): Allie X, Troye Sivan, Leland, Bram Inscore & OZGO
Producers: OZGO
Release Date: 6 December 2019

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