The Fault in Our Stars (2013)




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Single | 3:07 | Pop | 5 May 2013
The song was inspired by John Greene’s (Author) book, “The Fault In Our Stars”. The song was dedicted to (Oncology ward of) Princess Margaret Hospital in Australia.
This is the song that got Troye signed to his record deal with EMI Australia!.


Type: Song (single)
Label: Self-Released
Writer(s): Troye Sivan
Producers: Troye Sivan
Release Date: 5 May 2013

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Music Video

About the Music Video:
Troye contacted the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (closed in 2018) to ask if he could meet with a couple of cancer patients and film it for the video. The video features a compilations of clips of Troye and 2 cancer patients hanging out, having a pajama party, and watching videos. Through the video, we switch between the hospital clips and clips of Troye singing the song with great emotion.
Release Date: 5 May 2013
Filmed by: Julie K Photography

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