There For You [with Martin Garrix] (2017)



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Single | 3:41 | EDM | 26 May 2017
Troye teamed up with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix for this song. Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan debuted “There For You” at Coachella on 14 April 2017, but the song would not be ready for purche/download until 26 May 2017. The song has a remixes albim featuring 12 remixes!


Type: Song (Single)
Label: STMPD, Epic Amsterdam, Sony Netherlands
Writer(s): Brett McLaughlin, Martin Garrix, Ben Burgess, William Lobban Bean, Troye Sivan, Jessie Thomas
Producers: Cook Classics, Martin Garrix, Bart Schoudel
Release Date: 26 May 2017

Track Listing

“There For You: The Remixes”

1.) “There For You” (Araatan Remix) 2:49
2.) “There For You” (Bali Bandits Remix) 3:12
3.) “There For You” (Dzeko Remix) 2:39
4.) “There For You” (Bart B More Remix) 2:54
5.) “There For You” (Julian Jordan Remix) 3:03
6.) “There For You” (Madison Mars Remix) 2:55
7.) “There For You” (Vintage Culture & Kohen Remix) 3:25
8.) “There For You” (King Arthur Remix) 3:56
9.) “There For You” (Goldhouse Remix) 3:03
10.) “There For You” (Brohug Remix) 3:23
11.) “There For You” (Lione Remix) 4:35
12.) “There For You” (Lontalius Remix) 3:46

Related Media:

Music Video

About the Music Video

The music video focuses on Troye singing the song near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Diego, California with Martin Garrix near by. The video also follows Troye around town for dramatic effect as he poses and looks into the camera. The video also features clips from Martin Garrix’s Coachella performance where the two debuted the song.

Release Date: 25 May 2017
Production Company: Taylor Cut Films
Director: Jordan Taylor Wright
Shot & Edited by: Jordan Taylor Wright and Damian Karsznia
Produced by: Silent Content
Producer: Libby de Leon
Creative Producer: Nic Stanich

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Screen Captures
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