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EP | 17:22 | Pop, Electropop, dream pop | 15 August 2014
TRXYE is the third extended play (overall), but first EP signed with a major label by Troye Sivan, The EP was released on 15 August 2014 by Universal Music Australia / EMI Music Australia. Troye announced that he would be releasing this 5 song EP at Vidcon in June 2013. The EP includes the hit singles “Happy Little Pill” and a remixed version of “The Fault in Our Stars”.


Type: Extended Play (EP)
Label: Universal Music Australia / EMI Australia
Writer(s): Troye Sivan Brandon Rogers, Tat Tong, Thomas Rawle, Alex Hope, Lindsay Rimes, Paul Carter
Producer(s): Tat Tong, SLUMS, Alex JL Hiew, Matt Gio, Lindsay Rimes, Dan Heath
Release Date: 15 August 2014


1.) “Happy Little Pill” 3:44
2.) “Touch” 3:55
3.) “Fun” 3:26
4.) “Gasoline” 3:25
5.) “The Fault in Our Stars (MMXIV)” 3:12
Total Length: 17:22

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Music Videos:
About the Music Video:
The music follows 3 scenarios/people while switching back and forth with Troye singing the song. We see clips of Troye in a hotel room prepossessing thoughts and feelings. The video also follows a straight couple and a guy out on the town. The video is most known for having a blue and pink effect/theme and a white owl.

Writer/Director: Jeremy Koren (Grey Ghost)
Cinematographer: Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Editor: Chase Burns
Producer: Juleiaah Koren
Co Producer: Melanie Velissaris
Makeup/Styling: Nadine Muller
Colourist: Vincent Taylor
Executive Producer: Ben Winford

Album Photos
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Screen Captures
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Behind the Scenes
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