Spud (2010)


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Unrated | 1h 43m | Comedy, Drama | 3 December 2010 (South Africa)
It’s South Africa 1990. Two major events are about to happen: The release of Nelson Mandela and, more importantly, it’s John “Spud” Milton’s first year at an elite boys only private boarding school.
John gets his nickname from his roomates for not yet experiencing puberty. The film follows Spud a he is trying to fit in with his wild, rule-breaking roomates and navigate having his first crush(es).
Throughout the film Spud does things he usually wouldn’t to impress his roomates and win over his crush, “Mermaid”.
This film is based on the novel of the same name by John van de Rui.


Rated: Unrated
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama
Role: John “Spud” Milton
Co-Stars: John Cleese, Sven Ruygrok, Jamie Royal, Genna Blair, Jason Cope, Blessing Xaba
Director: Donovan Marsh
Writer(s): Donovan Marsh (screenplay) John Van De Ruit (novel)
Release Dates: 3 December 2010 – other countries,
Produciton Company(ies): Rogue Star Films, BLM Productions
Filming Location(s): South Africa
Filming Dates: Early 2010

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