“Dance To This” (ft. Ariana Grande) Music Video

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About the Video

The video takes place in a rec room with a 90’s vibe. Both Troye and Ariana wear 90’s inspired outfits. Troye has mentioned that the video was inspired by High School Musical, Grease and a “gif of Cher spinning around”. The music video pays tribute to “Pass This On” by The Knife. In the video we first see Troye among a group of uninterested/bored people. Troye then tries to break the bordom by getting up and starting the song. The camera then shows an interested Ariana Grande who joins Troye in the song as they dance around the room.


Release Date: 19 July 2018
Director: Bardia Zeinali
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff
Steadicam: Yousheng Tang
Production: PRODn
Edit + Post Production: William Town for Modern Post
Troye Stylist: Lorenzo Posocco
Makeup: James Kaliardos
Hairstylist: Lucas Wilson
Manicurist: Megumi Yamamoto
Ariana Stylist: Mimi Cuttrell
Makeup: Patrick Ta
Hairstylist: Josh Liu
Set Design: Lauren Nikrooz
Casting: JV8INC
Color: Tim Masick
Movement: KiD oRange / Scott Nicholson
Extra’s Stylist: Emily Paulaldrich
Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker
Co-Star: Ariana Grande

Screen Captures
dtt-mv_002.jpg dtt-mv_043.jpg dtt-mv_077.jpg dtt-mv_094.jpg dtt-mv_149.jpg