“Fools” Music Video

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Wild EP / Blue Neighbourhood

About the Video

This music video is a continuation of the “Wild” music video. It follows Troye and his best friend/love interest – now grown up (current day). They two have become closer, being sneaky about their relationship. The father of Troye’s friend/love interest finds out about him and Troye; the father ends up being abusive. Because of his homophobic father, Troye’s friend is forced to tell/show Troye that he does not want him around anymore. While Troye is mourning this loss, he passes his friend/crush on the street with his girlfriend. The end of the video hints at the third part of the music video trilogy. This video is part 2 of a 3-part music video series. All 3 videos tell the story. You can see all 3 videos as 1 in “Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut)”. This is the 2nd (of 7) music video to be released from “Blue Neighbourhood”


Release Date: 25 September 2015
Director: Tim Mattia
Produced by: Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley
Co-Star: Matthew Eriksson

Screen Captures
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