“Heaven” Music Video

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Blue Neighbourhood


About the Video

The whole music video is in black in white, flipping between Troye cuddling with model and real-life boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman and clips from past LGBTQ+ movements. These clips include same-sex relationships, weddings, parades and even shows assassinated gay rights leader Harvey Milk. Troye pays homage and dedicates this video to the LGBTQ movements and accomplishments that have come before him. With that he leaves this message:
“We have always been here. we will always be here. this video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. in dark and light times, let’s love forever.” Troye wanted to release the music video on 20 January (to coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration), but due to popular demand, it was released the day before. This is the 7th and final music video to be released from “Blue Neighbourhood”.


Release Date: 19 January 2017
Director: Luke Gilford
Co-Star: Jacob Bixenman

Screen Captures
heavenmv002.jpg heavenmv032.jpg heavenmv036.jpg heavenmv052.jpg heavenmv084.jpg