“Lucky Strike” Music Video

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About the Video

The music video takes place on a beach where Troye spots a cute boy working as a bartender. Throught the video, Troye fantasizes about being this this boy.


Release Date: 10 January 2019
Director: Emma Westenberg
Executive Producer: Whitney Jackson
Producer: Jona Ward
Director Of Photography: Corey Waters
Production Designer: Tatiana Van Sauter
Clothing Provided by: Hardeman
Editor: Emma Westenberg
Colorist: Nick Lareau @ Light Iron
Glam: Dustin Baker
Stylist: Dogukan Nesanir
Co-Star: Brandon Good (bartender/love interest)
Supported by Dropbox

Screen Captures
lucky-strike-caps_012.jpg lucky-strike-caps_023.jpg lucky-strike-caps_053.jpg lucky-strike-caps_068.jpg lucky-strike-caps_119.jpg
Behind the Scenes
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