“My My My!” Music Video

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About the Video

The video starts off with a warning message stating that viewer discretion is advised for those who are prone to seizers due to the strobelight effect(s) in the video. Troye is seen dancing around an empty warehouse and empty city streets. Sivan is later joined by shirtless men in an interior setting. Throughout the video, Troye seems to be wet and sweating; this leaving his hair a mess. The look from this video set a “look” for his live performances during the time that “My My My!” was the featured single. This music vide is the first video for a song from from his second album, “Bloom”.


Release Date: 10 January 2018
Director: Grant Singer
Producer: Saul Germaine
Executive Producer: Nina Soriano
Editor: Nick Rondeau
Production Company: Anonymous Content

Screen Captures
mymymy-mv010.jpg mymymy-mv049.jpg mymymy-mv092.jpg mymymy-mv120.jpg mymymy-mv143.jpg
mmmstills_0003.jpg mmmstills_0008.jpg mmmstills_0010.jpg mmmstills_0014.jpg mmmstills_0005.jpg 
Behind the Scenes
mymymy-bts_007.jpg mymymy-bts_028.jpg mymymy-bts_026.jpg mymymy-bts_030.jpg mymymy-bts_051.jpg
Screen Captures – Acoustic
mymymy-acoustic_052.jpg mymymy-acoustic_084.jpg mymymy-acoustic_090.jpg mymymy-acoustic_113.jpg mymymy-acoustic_139.jpg