“Wild” Music Video

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Wild EP / Blue Neighbourhood


About the Video

The music video introduces us to a young Troye Sivan (actor) and his best friend. Throughout the video, we follow the young boys on their various adventures. During these childhood clips, we get clips of current Troye and childhood friend buggimg/cuddling on a bed. Later in the video while the young boys are playing, we see that the father of Troye’s friend gets abusive when he is drinking. The father gets in a fight and the boys are seperated.
This video is part 1 of a 3-part music video series. All 3 videos tell the story. You can see all 3 videos as 1 in
“Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut)”. This is the 1st (of 7) music video to be released from “Blue Neighbourhood”


Release Date: 3 September 2015
Also Known as: Wild (Blue Neighbourhood 1/3)
Director: Tim Mattia
Produced by: Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley
Filming Location: Sydney suburb of Kurnell, New South Wales
Co-Star: Matthew Eriksson

Screen Captures
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