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Blue Neighbourhood


About the Video

The music video follows Troye around a house party, showing him singing and dancing in the different rooms. Troye ends up finding a guy at the party. Each room in the house has a different vibe, theme and color. Lia Marie Johnson and Amandla Stenberg make an appearance in the video. The video was filmed in early Februrary 2016 in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington. This is the 5th (of 7) music video to be released from “Blue Neighbourhood”


Release Date: 24 Februrary 2016
Director: Malia James
Produced by: Austin Barbera
Co-Star: Lia Marie Johnson, Amandla Stenberg
Filming Date: Early February 2016
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California & Seattle, Washington

Screen Captures
youth-caps0014.jpg youth-caps0016.jpg youth-caps0030.jpg youth-caps0052.jpg youth-caps0065.jpg
On Set
youth-bts0002.jpg youth-bts0001.jpg youth-bts0003.jpg
Polaroids (from set)
youth-p0002.jpg youth-p0003.jpg youth-p0004.jpg youth-p0005.jpg youth-p0006.jpg